Alabama Durable Financial Power of Attorney Form

Alabama Durable Financial Power of Attorney Form – The form of Alabama durable financial power of attorney is a legally binding document that enables you to give authorization to another person (commonly called Agent or Attorney in Fact) to act on your behalf in terms of financials, when needed. A person who creates this document is called Principal. Here are the required steps to complete the document if you need to utilize it.

Alabama Durable Financial Power
Alabama Durable Financial Power

Alabama Durable Financial Power of Attorney Form

Steps to Complete

  1. Download the blank form document and read the intro part in order to understand it better.
  2. After you have understood the information, appoint Agent or Attorney in Fact. Then provide your name and your address, as well as your attorney’s name and his/her address.
  3. Identify the particular powers that you authorize the Attorney in Fact to perform on your behalf in terms of financial. Go straight to the bottom part of the section and identify the ‘N’ line only if you’d like to grant the Agent the entire powers described within the document.
  4. Add or reduce the powers authorized for the Agent, by writing limitations or additional items in the next section.
  5. Note down the name of successor agents, in case the appointed agent is unable or unwilling to fulfill his/her duties.
  6. Whether you use witnesses with notary or only witnesses, have them read the information in the next section and provide information as required by the form.
  7. Have your public notary (if there is one) to complete the next section, then sign and add their state seal.
  8. Have the first selected agent read the provided information about their responsibilities in the next section, then put their name and signature.
  9. Have the person that prepares the document (if it wasn’t completed by you) to put their name and signature in the following section.
  10. Make sure the document is completed and give copies to anyone that sign the form for records.
    Please note this document is revocable. It can be retracted if the principal completes the step to revoke it and capable to do so.
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File name : Alabama-Durable-Financial-Power-of-Attorney-Form.pdf

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