Alabama Real Estate Power of Attorney

Alabama Real Estate Power of Attorney Form – Selling your house or any of your property is never an easy task, and when you seem to be unable to sell the property on your own, you will need to appoint someone you trust or a professional to perform the selling activities. However, you will need to have a power of attorney document for the real estate transactions to give your authority to the selected individual.

Alabama Real Estate Power of Attorney
Alabama Real Estate Power of Attorney

Power of attorney that’s meant for property transaction often defines as a legal document that is used by a principal (the owner of the property) to give their powers to an appointed individual (agent, real estate agent, or attorney) to conduct their property transaction.

Alabama POA provides the agent with a lot of power when it comes to the real estate business. Prior to signing and completing the legal paper, the principal should ensure they fully understand all the information written in the document. A notary public should also be hired to be a witness when all the parties involved sign the POA form. In addition, the document can be revoked by the principal any time they want.

Alabama Real Estate Power of Attorney Form – How to Write

  1. Before writing the POA, it’s essential to thoroughly understand the Alabama laws to make sure the document is complying with the existing rules and codes. Then, the document should include the name of the property owner (principal), the name of the selected agent, and the relationship of the principal to the agent. The principal must also review the “property” page and the street address as well as the description of the property already included in the document.
  2. In the section of notary acknowledgment, the hired notary public has a responsibility to complete the remaining parts of the legal paper. They also have to provide the information they require and apply their official seal.
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