Alabama Tax Power of Attorney Form – 2848A

Alabama Tax Power of Attorney – This is a file which allows state’s resident to hire a CPA, tax attorney, accountant, or another capable person in order to obtain information and deal with tax case. On special case, if required, the document can be written to give authorization for that person to represent the principal before the state’s Department of Revenue. When compared to other states’ power of attorney document, Alabama’s document does not need notarization or witness.

Alabama Tax Power of Attorney
Alabama Tax Power of Attorney

Alabama Tax Power of Attorney Form 2848A – How to Write

  1. First, download the provided form and completing taxpayer’s information in Section 1. The data required will include name and address of taxpayer, the number of tax registration, federal ID number, contact number, etc.
  2. Fill Section 2. It is the representative appointment. List down all representatives, as well as each representative individually.
  3. Fill Section 3. You may not fill this section if you’re filling in Section 4. If you’re completing this section, make sure to complete all blank fields available.
  4. Section 4 has the longest parts and should be filled if you want to employ tax agent on steady basis. To proceed, provide the name of agent, firm name, agent number, federal ID number, etc. There is lots of information that you need to provide in this section. Make sure to learn it first before filling it out.
  5. For Section 5, list any limitations that you want to set.
  6. Section 6 can be skipped if you fill Section 4. That said, if you are filling Section 3, you will fill this section as well. Check the options that you want to proceed with. Since it deals with notices and communications, you can set it out to whom the information is about to be disclosed.
  7. Check the box in Section 7 if you wish to annul past documents. Remember to include the copy of all power of attorneys which you wish to revoke.
  8. Signature of taxpayer is on Section 8. Each person that signs the form should provide the data requested.
  9. The last section (Section 9) should be completed by all representatives you employed to deal with your tax details.
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File name : Alabama-Tax-Power-of-Attorney-Form-2848A.pdf

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