Alaska Minor Child Power of Attorney Form

Alaska Minor Child Power of Attorney Form – This form is a legal document used by biological parents to allow someone else to guard their children. This is how you fill the form/ document.

Alaska Minor Child Power of Attorney Form
Alaska Minor Child Power of Attorney Form

Alaska Minor Child Power of Attorney Form – How to Fill the Form?

  1. Start by entering the information of the child. The information required on the form is including the name of the child and the name of the parents of the child. You also have to provide the information of the name of the person who will act attorney on the child’s behalf. Once this first section is done, parents should give their signature/initials.
  2. The next step is for the parents to read the Titled Section. This is the list of things that the attorney or guardian will have the power over. They will have the ability to make decision on the behalf of the child. The titled sections are including: physical examination, medical care, diagnosis and treatment. If you are all agree with this, enter the information of the child’s current insurance and then parents must sign the document completed by the date of signature there.
  3. Next, parents will enter the section of the effective date of the document. Parents will have to make sure that the effective date of the document and the termination date are written correctly. Parents should also read the following three statements written on this section.
    This section will also include the guardian/agent’s name and when it is all correct, they can move to the next step, which is signing off the document.
  4. The last section is the signature. This is what makes the document legitimate and legally binding. The first signature is from the biological parent or the legal guardian of the child. The next person to sign the document is the other biological parent (if any).

This document is a legal one so that a witness is required. The third person to sign the document off is the witness. All the signatures must be completed by date in MM/DD/YYYY format. Lastly, tick the box at the end to provide parents with the copy of the documents.

File name : Alaska-Minor-Child-Power-of-Attorney-Form.pdf

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