Arizona General Financial Power of Attorney Form

Arizona General Financial Power of Attorney Form – The form of Arizona general financial power of attorney is a legally enforceable document. Its purpose is to let Principal to authorize an Agent to manage and take action on the Principal’s behalf regarding property and finances.

Arizona General Financial Power of Attorney Form
Arizona General Financial Power of Attorney Form

This legal paper should be witnessed by notary for it to be effective. The document may be revoked by Principal any time desired. If you need to make use of this document but not sure of how to do so, you may consider to read the guide below. Alternatively, you may consult it with an attorney to get further information and recommendation related to the form.

Arizona General Financial Power of Attorney Form – Quick Guide

1. Obtain the document by downloading it, and then start to complete the form

  • Begin to fill out the form by providing information about your county in the upper left corner section of the document
  • Provide your name as the Principal
  • Provide your full address
  • Provide the name of your appointed Attorney in Fact
  • Provide the Attorney in Fact’s full address

2. Assess the entire sections within the document

  • Read each paragraph in the document thoroughly
  • Attain a Notary to review the validation process and to witness the signature process of your witness
  • Input the completion date of the document with format of DD/MM/YYYY
  • Attain the signature of your witness
  • Provide the name and city where your witness lives
  • Have the document signed by the Notary and then being affixed with State Seal
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After the process of filling out the form is finished, along with notarization and signatures, create copies of the document. Then, you need to hand out the copy for each person whose signature is within the form, for record purposes. Above all, you have to make sure that your Agent or Attorney in Fact owns the copy, so any organizations that requires the document’s copy can obtain it immediately and have someone to contact if you, as the Principal, are not able or not available to be communicated with.

File name : Arizona-General-Financial-Power-of-Attorney-Form.pdf

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