Colorado Tax Power of Attorney Form

Colorado Tax Power of Attorney Form – The form of Colorado tax power of attorney is a legal record that allows the Principal to provide permission to an appointed Agent to take care of various tax-related files on their behalf. To correctly complete this form, the Principal should also provide the agent with a right to access personal financial details. Here are some actions that can lead you to complete the document.

Colorado Tax Power of Attorney Form
Colorado Tax Power of Attorney Form

Colorado Tax Power of Attorney Form

  1. Input information about Primary as Taxpayer, that includes: name, identification numbers, (SSN or EIN), address, city, state, zip code.
  2. Enter information about the agent, that includes: name, company’s name, complete address, contact number, email address, special kind of tax, and period or year
  3. The list of powers that Aren’t granted to the Agents, for cases:
    • To receive payment checks for taxes, interest, or penalties refunds
    • To give out consents to expand collection or assessment period of taxes
    • To substitute or authorize another Agent or Agent
    • To submit decline of assessment
    • To supply offers to settle or compromise concerning taxation liability
  4. Input revocation date for many appointed Agents beforehand, with information of the agent’s: full name, complete address, accessible telephone numbers, and revocation date.
  5. Input info of agent’s where notices by the Principal are being sent to the title, complete address, and available contact numbers and code of place.
  6. Input the touch of the Taxpayer (Principal), Taxpayer’s spouse, and partnership/corporation, which includes: signature and signature date for each celebration.
  7. Input advice associated with CPA, lawyer, or registered agent (if apply): the designation of CPA, lawyer, or enrolled agent, the jurisdiction, the trademark, and the signature date
  8. Input information related to the authorized person if they are not CPA, lawyer, or enrolled Agent: two witnesses’ signatures and signatures date in the arrangement of MM/DD/YYYY.
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All of the signing procedures and signatures from the Colorado Tax Power of Attorney Form must be witnessed by a Notary. Then, the notary should also signal and provide a seal for acknowledgment purposes.

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